Under the water baptism

Discover the meaning and practice of baptism by reading examples and teachings directly from scripture.

There are many teachings on baptism outside of the scriptures. Some endorse a specific method for baptizing at a specific time with a specific set of steps and requirements. This leads to conflicting teachings of course. However, the Bible is not conflicting and it is the source that we should go to for understanding obedience to God in baptism. From looking at both the examples and teaching from scripture, one should have all they need to know to make a wise decision on the topic of baptism.

Examples of Baptism Found in the New Testament

Below is a list of all of the examples of baptism found in the New Testament. As you read each story, ask these questions:

Who was baptized?
Why were they baptized?
How was baptism done?

Who was baptized?Scripture
The MessiahMatthew 3
Those who repent of their sinsMark 1:4-5
The MessiahJohn 1:26-34
Christ’s disciplesJohn 3:22-26
3000 soulsActs 2:36-42
Men and women of SamariaActs 8:5-18
The Ethiopian eunuchActs 8:34-40
SaulActs 9:17-19
Cornelius and his familyActs 10:33-48
Lydia and her householdActs 16:14-15
The Philippian jailer and his householdActs 16:30-34
Crispus and his householdActs 18:8
Those who had previously received the baptism of John the BaptistActs 19:1-7
Stephen and his household1 Corinthians 1:16

baptism in arabic

Teachings on Baptism in the New Testament

Below is a list of all the teachings on the topic of baptism found in the New Testament. As you read each teaching, ask yourself:

How does this teaching help me understand baptism better?

Christ’s command for the disciplesMark 16:14-16
Christ’s command for the disciplesMatthew 28:18-20
Baptism of the Holy SpiritActs 6:1-18
Union with ChristRomans 6:1-18
Put on ChristGalatians 3:26-29
Circumcision of the heartColossians 2:11-12
A good conscience towards God1 Peter 3:18-22


Baptism is for all who have received the word (Acts 2:41), repented (Acts 2:38), and believed (Acts 8:12-13) in the name of Jesus Christ. As baptized believers it is our responsibility to go make other disciples and baptize them in the name of Jesus Christ.

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We can see in the many examples that there are things that are consistent when it comes to baptism: receiving the word, repentance, and believing in Jesus Christ.