So you are interested in learning more about who Jesus Chris is, but where do you start? There are so many websites and videos out there on the web. How can you know what is right?

Read the Bible
If you are seeking the truth about anything, it is best to go to the original source documents. This is true for any subject. For Christianity, the original source document is the Bible. Anything that you read, watch, or hear about Christianity should be compared with what you read in the Bible. Every believer, church, website, etc. has flaws, but that doesn’t mean you should throw the baby out with the bathwater. You need to be aware that whatever thoughts and beliefs you are exposed to you must compare with the Bible.

In Christianity responsibility falls on the individual to discern the truth. You can discern the truth through comparing things with the Word of God.

You won’t be an expert in the Bible overnight but starting with the Bible is the best place to start learning about faith in Jesus Christ.

Jesus discipled his followers and he told his disciples to make other disciples. God is all about relationship and following Christ in relationship is called discipleship. Discipleship involves teaching, but it is much more. Discipleship is a life-on-life process when a believer who is younger in the faith is guided by a believer who is more mature in the faith. This can be one-on-one but is most often done in groups. Chat with us online if you don’t already have someone who can disciple you.

Talk to and Interact with Christians
Getting to know Christians is another great way to learn about Christianity. You will likely be surprised how different Christians are from what you see in the movies. As with anything there are people who are Christian by name and even amongst true believers there are some who are weaker and some who are stronger in their faith, but as long as you are comparing things with the Word of God, you should be well prepared. Find a Christian and ask them about their faith in Christ and go from there.

Ask Honest Questions
Questions are good to ask, never be afraid or ashamed to ask a question. If you don’t understand, ask until you understand. If you aren’t convinced, ask until you are convinced. If you aren’t sure, ask until you are sure. One clarification is the difference between questioning and doubting. Questions are used to seek understanding. Doubts are when one has already formed a conclusion. Ask questions, ask them often, and ask them freely.

Pray to God and Ask for Guidance
God is with you right now as you seek the truth. He can hear your every thought and word. He wants what is best for you because he loves you dearly. Call out to him and ask him for his guidance and do this often. Here is a something you can pray right now:

God, I desire to know you and be in your will. I am seeking the truth and need your help in knowing what the truth is and what to do. God guide me. Thank you. Amen.

Confess Your Sins and Be Free
When Jesus came and proclaimed the truth, he said “repent and believe”. Repentance is an important step in believing in the truth. Repentance is changing your mind and actions from what is sinful to what is righteous.

Sin can hinder you in your journey to the truth. Don’t ignore it or put it off. Deal with it now. Take a moment and assess your current life. Then confess your sins and repent. Here is a guide to help you more in this. (link to the article on repentance)

Be free of fear. Be free of shame. Be free of guilt. Confess your sins now and be free of them so that you can seek the truth and believe.

“The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!”
Mark 1:15

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