Below is a list of things any believer (new or old) should have as part of their daily routine. Each one is fully within your control and can take very little time. Estimated times are listed next to each just to give you an idea of how manageable this is. If you do the listed minimum of all of these, it only takes 12 minutes a day. For getting these in your daily life, don’t focus on the time, focus on the habit of doing each of these at least once daily.

5 Habits to Start Today

1. Read the Bible (5 min – 1 hour)
The Word of God is the Bread of Life (see John 6:30-35). Feed your spirit on the Word of God daily. Reading the Bible before you pray can help guide your prayers.

2. Pray (5 min – 2 hours)
Prayer is talking with God. God wants relationship with you, and He wants to hear from you each and every day. This can just be talking to him in general, using a psalm, or using a prayer model. An example of a helpful model is:

Adoration- recognize God for who He is
Confession- confess your sins
Thanks- give thanks to God
Supplication- pray for others

Starting and ending your day in prayer is a great place to start and have in your daily routine.

3. Worship (2.5 min – 20 min)
Singing and praising God is a beautiful gift from God and a great way to bless God and bless your spirit each day. Try one worship song a day and you will feel the blessings from above. Find worship songs here.

4. Fellowship (a text message – 3 hours)
Fellowship is not just for the weekly church meeting. We should be in relationship with fellow believers daily (see Acts 2:46) to love, encourage, and build up one another. Reaching out in love each day, even if only a text message, is something every believer should have in their daily life.

5. Repentance of sin (a moment)
All of us are fallen and we sin, often daily. Therefore, we must repent daily. This just means being aware that we have sinned, confessing it to God and sometimes brothers and sisters in Christ, and repenting of it. Doing this at the time of the sin is ideal, but sometimes we aren’t aware of what we did at the moment. So taking time at the end of the day to think about what sins we must confess and repent is a good habit.

Bonus: Sharing your faith at any opportunity.
If you are very intentional and you are gifted in evangelism, this can happen daily. For those who are not gifted in evangelism, this is still something that should be in every believer’s regular life. So be on the lookout for any opportunity to share the truth with others.

May the Lord bless you and guide you each day as you grow closer to Him one day at a time.

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