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Jesus fulfilled many prophecies from the Old Testament. This article lists many of the clearest and most important prophecies, with their references.

In the beginning of the Old Testament we are presented with the problem: sin. Immediately after the problem, we are given the solution (see Genesis 3:15). These ‘solutions’ to the problem of sin are found all throughout the Old Testament. Most of them refer to a ‘messianic figure,’ a savior who will make all things right again. These passages are called Messianic prophecies and are very important to understanding the New Testament.

In the New Testament we see Jesus and the writers of the New Testament often referring to these messianic prophecies. Scholars differ on the exact number of prophecies, but the total number is somewhere between 200 to 400 prophecies. The likelihood of anyone fulfilling even a handful of these prophecies is extremely rare. The fact that Jesus fulfilled more than 200 prophecies from the Old Testament gives great credibility to him being the one true Messiah.

Below is a list of some of the most important prophecies that Jesus fulfilled, with references for both prophecy and fulfillment.

OT ReferenceProphecyNT Reference
Ezk 37:25Descendant of DavidLuk 1:31-33
Isa 7:14Born of a virginLuk 1:35
Mic 5:2Born in BethlehemMat 2:1-6
Psa 89:27The firstbornCol 1:15-18
Isa 8:8Called EmmanuelMat 28:20
Hos 11:1Called out of EgyptMat 2:15
Mal 3:1A messenger would prepare the way for himMrk 1:1-8
Isa 11:2Anointed by the Spirit of the LordMat 3:16-17
Isa 53:4Heal the sickMat 8:16-17
Isa 42:7Open the eyes of the blindJhn 9:25-38
Isa 35:5-6Work miraclesMat 11:2-6
Isa 48:16-17Come as a TeacherJhn 3:2
Psa 78:1-2Teach in parablesMat 13:34-35
Isa 6:9-10His teaching would fall on deaf earsMat 13:13-15
Isa 53:2Appearance of an ordinary manPhp 2:6-8
Psa 8:2Praised by the mouths of childrenMat 21:16
Isa 42:6A Light for the GentilesLuk 2:32
Ezk 37:26-27A new temple among the peopleJhn 2:19-21
Jer 31:31Make a new covenantMat 26:28
Isa 61:1Preach the good newsLuk 4:16-21
Deu 18:15The prophet that they must listen toJhn 6:14
Zec 9:9Greeted with rejoicing in JerusalemMat 21:8-10
Zec 9:9Beheld as KingJhn 12:12-13
Zec 9:9Enter Jerusalem riding on a donkeyMat 21:6-9
Psa 41:9Betrayed by a close friendJhn 13:18
Zec 11:12-13Betrayed for 30 pieces of silverMat 27:3-5
Isa 53:3DespisedLuk 4:28-29
Isa 53:3RejectedMat 27:21-23
Isa 53:7Silent before his accusersMat 27:12-14
Isa 53:8Be judgedJhn 18:13-22
Isa 50:6Be spat uponMat 26:67
Psa 109:25RidiculedMat 27:39
Psa 129:3Be whippedMat 27:26
Isa 52:14Appearance disfigured through punishmentLuk 18:31-34
Psa 22:18His garments be parted and cast lots forJhn 19:23-24
Psa 22:16His hands and feet piercedMrk 15:24
Isa 53:12Numbered with the transgressorsMrk 15:27-28
Ex 12:46Not a bone of the Lamb to be brokenJhn 19:31-36
Psa 69:21Given vinegar to quench His thirstMat 27:34
Isa 50:3The sky made darkLuk 23:44-45
Num 21:9Lifted up for others to receive healingJhn 3:14-18
Isa 53:12Intercede for transgressorsLuk 23:34
Zec 12:10The Messiah’s body would be piercedJhn 19:34-37
Deu 21:23Cursed is he that hangs on a treeGal 3:10-13
Dan 9:24Make atonement for guiltRom 5:10
Isa 53:10God’s will that He be an offeringJhn 18:11
Dan 9:26Put to deathMat 21:38-39
Gen 3:15Crush Satan’s headHeb 2:14
Hos 13:14Defeat death1 Co 15:55-57
Isa 53:12Bear the sins of the world1 Pe 2:24
Exo 12:5A Lamb without blemishHeb 9:14
Isa 53:12Pour out his life unto deathLuk 23:46
Dan 9:24Put an end to sinGal 1:3-5
Psa 22:1Forsaken2 Co 5:21
Dan 9:26Killed before the destruction of the templeMat 27:50-51
Isa 53:4Considered to be punished by GodGal 3:13
Psa 16:10Was not to see corruptionAct 2:31
Isa 53:9Buried in a rich man’s graveMat 27:57
Dan 7:13-14Ascend into heavenAct 1:9-11
Zec 13:7Israel scatteredMat 26:31-56
2 Sam 7:16David’s house established foreverRev 22:16

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